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Established in 1925, Tippecanoe Boat Company may be the oldest existing Boat & Motor sales dealership in Indiana. Owned by the Pierce family since its origin, Tippecanoe Boat Company has a long standing reputation for superior marine products and services as well as fair dealings. The basis of our longevity ( more than 90 years of one family ownership) has been the company philosophy. It is the intention of all at Tippecanoe Boat Company that every effort be made to ensure that each customer leaves with the knowledge that he or she received boating merchandise or marine service which met or exceeded their expectations. The result has been outstanding word-of-mouth advertising of our boat sales and service. The history of the Tippecanoe Boat Company began with pleasure boating itself. As a dealer for Century Boat Company for 49 years, the company has experienced the wooden boat era and its development into the fiberglass boat industry during the early 1960s. There have been opposed firing outboards, as well as four strokes and direct injected two cycles. We’ve been around long enough to see the Fageol 44 and the Homelite 4 stroke. There was the first V-4 Johnson and the molded plywood boat, Rotary induction Johnson V-45, step-lift hulls, cathedral hulls, deck style boats, jet drives, stern drives, and much more. The company history has been tied to the history of pleasure boating from the beginning and we believe that experience is the best teacher. Having offered this highly condensed version of our past, we stand ready to assist you in the future with our well-seasoned integrity and excellent boat service and sales.